Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Research Facilities and Excellence of Sami Labs

Dr. Muhammed Majeed gained more than 15 years of research experience working with some of the major pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Paco Research and Carter Wallace. In 1988, he started Sabinsa Corporation – a nutraceutical and pharmaceutical promoting company which also gives importance to all types of research works. As far as Dr. Majeed was considered the transition from researcher to a business person was really challenging. But he came up with flying colors in the industry. Sabinsa Corporation is New Jersy based and has more than 60 employees presently.
A research wing was started by Dr. Majeed in Bangalore in the year 1991 and it was named Sami Labs. Both manufacturing and marketing of different types of chemicals and pharmaceuticals are done here with a strong and reliable research base. The research based outputs from Sami Labs have achieved recognition from drugs control department of Indian Government. The quality assured products of Sami Labs have achieved much national and international recognition including the National Award given by the President of India for the product quality and innovation. Sami Labs were the pioneers in the marketing and research side of a large number of phytonutrients purely based on raw materials available in India.
The research and development (R & D) section of Sami Labs is a multi-disciplinary one which comprises of various research fields. The research and development division of Sami Labs works in coordination with the Pharmacopoeia Committee of India and the Indian Government for developing high standard operating processes for treating Ayurvedic herbs and thereby maintain a book showing the qualities and uses of Indian herbs. Since the most advanced facilities and best talent are present, Sami’s R & D division is continuously directed to the production of very high quality outputs. The different available sections of R & D are discussed shortly:
Natural Drug Section: This is where identification, isolation and development of different types of natural sources happens which are having the premium qualities of a drug element. Eye drops for Glaucoma and a medicine for Psoriasis are the latest recognized innovations.
Phytochemistry: Phytoextracts of standard quality that can be used in different cosmetic products are processed and commercialized with keen interest, skill and attention in order to meet the needs of the people all over the world. The main activity here is the optimization of the methods used for extracting the bio-actives.
Synthetic Chemistry: Many successful products have reached the global markets which are the outputs of innovations happening in this division. Creation of a compound is a tiresome task because the target molecules must be selected reactions occurred from the raw materials used.
Tissue Culture: Various clones of plants that show good range of bioactivity are propagated here. Selected ranges of rarely available plants are also propagated through this technique in the labs.
Biotechnology: This division has so far produced many enzyme complexes as well as stable probiotics. Yeast that is mineral enriched is a great and special product formed here.
There are also Microbiological, Bio-research, Formations R & D are the other divisions available in Sami Labs. The united and integrated activities of all these divisions and workers have led this venture of Dr. Muhammed Majeed to a great success.